In NSW, the three companies responsible for maintaining the electricity supply and distribution network (ESDN) are Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy. To gain employment with one of these companies, you can go through many avenues. You can work with contractors (known as Accredited Service Providers – ASPs), work directly for the distributors above, or find work through electrical labour hire companies.

In this article, we’ll look at people’s common questions about working for an electrical labour hire company.

Who pays your wages?

While money isn’t everything, you want to know where your pay comes from. Under electrical labour-hire agreements, the agency pays your wages and associated benefits. Technically, the electrical agency is your employer, at least in an administrative sense. The labour hire company then invoices the host employer for reimbursement of your wages. The host employer is the company you work for on a daily basis.

This system appeals to a lot of people because they know they have a reliable source of income. When working as a subcontractor for multiple companies, getting paid reliably and on time isn’t always so easy.


How long are electrical labour hire placements?

Electrical labour hire placements can vary in length depending on the host employer’s requirements. Sometimes, it might just be a week’s work to cover another electrician’s leave. Other times, it might be for a three-month infrastructure project. The time you spend with each host employer is usually agreed upon before you start. However, it isn’t uncommon for contracts to be extended if needs arise, especially if you perform well in the role.


Who deals with daily workplace issues?

The best person to speak to about workplace issues is your supervisor at the host employer. For example, if you’re unwell and can’t attend work, it’s best to let them know directly. However, if you have concerns about workplace conditions, you may choose to speak to your labour hire agency first.

Typically, the agency handles HR-related matters such as payroll, workplace injuries, etc. But if your questions are work-related, you should always deal directly with your supervisor.


Can you get full time employment through labour hire?

You absolutely can. If you’re in a labour-hire placement and the host employer has a vacancy for a full-time worker, you’ve certainly got a good chance. You may not always be offered a job directly, but the fact that you can build a lot of industry contacts while working in labour hire means you’ve got a great network to call on when you need something more permanent.


Want to know more about electrical labour hire companies?

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