As the world’s energy needs and sources begin to shift, there is a great opportunity for young workers to embrace a new breed of electrical jobs. It’s an exciting time to be in the electrical supply industry, and it’s only going to become more rewarding as time goes on. Let’s look at why young workers should seriously consider electrical jobs.

Being part of the green energy transition

Younger people are usually very environmentally conscious. It’s the new generation of energy experts driving significant change in the industry, through green initiatives, technology and more. Australia is slowly transitioning to a more green energy supply, which certainly appeals to the younger workforce.

This move to green energy will require major infrastructure upgrades, new technology, and a host of electrical jobs we probably haven’t even imagined yet. As such, there’s a great opportunity to be part of something that could change the world.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

It’s no secret that the younger generation of workers has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than just working for an employer, many people want to make their own mark in the industry. With the transition to green energy and so much technological involvement in modern electricity delivery, the future is bright for go-getters.

You could branch out into solar energy, for example. You may notice problems in the industry and come up with ideas to solve them. By working in the electrical supply industry, you have a chance of improving it.

Future careers that don’t even exist

If you’re entering the workforce today, by the time you retire, there will be electrician jobs in Sydney that don’t even exist today. That’s just a reality of the way technology advances so quickly in the modern world. To keep up, people must learn new skills and adapt; this is where new jobs come from.

Consider that if you’d made a career change to become an electrician in the 1980s, you’d have had virtually no exposure to solar panels. Today, electricians make a great living as solar installers.

Pathways without university

To become an electrician, you need to undertake extensive training. This is typically by way of an electrical apprenticeship. Of course, further study is required if you want to be an electrical engineer or perform more specific roles in the ESI. But in general terms, if you’re a qualified electrician, you can explore a whole range of opportunities in the electrical supply industry.

With electrical career pathways evolving every year, there’s a great chance for young workers to get into the industry without the need for extensive university education.

Want to know more about new electrical jobs?

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META: Electrical jobs today are a lot different than 20 years ago. New workers now have exciting opportunities to build rewarding careers in the ESI.