In New South Wales, the electrical network is a complex and far-reaching infrastructure that requires skilled and certified professionals to maintain its integrity and efficiency. Alongside various other skilled individuals, Accredited Service Providers (ASP) Level 2 electricians certainly play a crucial role. They are authorised to carry out a range of specialised tasks in line with their accreditation and skill level. In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of Level 2 electrician jobs available within the NSW electricity supply network.

Metering technician

A metering technician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical meters. All homes and commercial buildings have meters, and these often need repairs. They also must be installed in new properties and removed from demolished buildings. These electricity meters are critical for accurately measuring electricity usage for billing purposes. More recently, we’ve seen the rise of smart meters, so many level 2 electrician jobs require knowledge of updated systems.

Since a metering technician often deals with business owners and homeowners, it’s important for them to have good people skills as well as the electrical competencies to perform the job. Also, safety is a huge part of this role, as technicians often work around members of the public.

Disconnection and reconnection

This job involves the safe disconnection and reconnection of electrical services from homes and businesses. This task is usually performed during maintenance or when properties are being demolished or renovated. However, there are also other circumstances where connections and disconnections occur, such as temporary building sites. Safety is paramount in these operations, as incorrect techniques can lead to severe consequences, including electrical fires or electrocution.

Underground services

Underground service electricians specialise in the installation, maintenance, and repair of underground electrical cables. Typically, trained cable jointers with proficiency in a range of different cable types are these experts. Their expertise becomes essential in urban areas where overhead lines aren’t possible and in new developments where they are establishing electrical infrastructure. This job requires a deep understanding of underground cabling systems and also adherence to strict safety and regulatory standards.

Overhead services

Overhead service electricians work on electrical lines and equipment located above ground. This includes installing new lines, repairing existing ones, and performing maintenance on overhead transformers and connections. They will often work alongside crews of ASP level 1 workers who perform much of the construction work required for network expansion or service upgrades.

To be successful in this role,  you certainly need more than just electrical expertise. You’ll be working at heights, so you need to be comfortable with that. You’ll also need extensive safety training, such as pole top rescue courses.

Emergency and fault services

Emergencies and faults within the electrical network can occur at any time, and Level 2 electricians are often the first responders. They identify faults quickly to restore power and ensure public safety. This role requires a calm demeanour, problem-solving skills, and also the ability to work under pressure.

Considering applying for Level 2 electrician jobs?

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