As Australia’s labour market continues to evolve, many people are looking for different ways to advance their careers. One of those options is to work for an electrical labour hire company.

How does an  electrical labour hire company work?

Electrical labour hire agencies place skilled and qualified workers in available positions. Often, these positions are short-term or temporary contracts, but they can also be much longer. Basically, an electrical labour hire company keeps a pool of carefully screened workers on hand for positions that become vacant in the electrical supply industry. Host companies (where the worker is placed) provide relevant on-the-job training where necessary, but they typically use labour hire companies to get qualified, skilled workers who can hit the ground running.

Who is responsible for worker safety?

There’s an old saying that safety is everyone’s business, and that rings true in the labour hire industry. Labour hire companies must exercise their duty of care towards their employees. This means taking all reasonable steps to ensure the placement of workers in safe working environments. This might mean assessing the workplace for risks, conducting regular site inspections, and asking for copies of the host company’s safety policies.

That said, the host company is still an Australian business and must comply with all WHS guidelines. In that sense, worker safety is a dual responsibility between the labour hire agency and the host company. In some cases, if a labour hire company suspects a host company does not provide a safe working environment, they can choose not to place employees there.

Who pays a labour hire worker?

When you’re placed in a job through an electrical labour hire company, you are technically employed by the labour hire company. The host company is the place you go to each day for work, but the labour hire agency pays your wages. In turn, they invoice the host company to cover your costs.

This is beneficial because if you ever have issues with your pay, you have a clear point of contact to assist you. You still must comply with directions from the host company in order to perform your daily duties. But when it comes to wages and other administrative issues, you’ll deal directly with your agency.

What are the benefits of working in labour hire?

For employees, labour hire arrangements provide a wide range of opportunities. Because labour hire companies fill many different types of jobs, there’s always something different to explore. For example, your labour hire company may send you to work on a temporary contract for 3 months. Following this, they may find you a more permanent opportunity elsewhere. Or another short-term contract.

Ultimately, as the employee, you can accept or refuse any placement, eliminating the expectation for you to take on jobs unsuitable for you. Also, if you  would prefer something longer, you can communicate this to your labour hire company. The benefit is that many labour hire companies also operate as recruitment agencies and may have permanent positions available.

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