If you’re a qualified electrician or interested in working in this field, you’ll be pleased to know you can do a huge range of jobs. Electricians and electrician technicians perform a wide variety of roles across multiple industries. An electrician career is diverse, so let’s check out some of the jobs you could do.

Residential electrician careers

When most people think of being an electrician, residential work is probably what comes to mind. This role can include anything from fixing faulty lights to wiring new homes. This is probably one of the most diverse electrician careers because you never know what you might be working on from day to day.

Commercial electrician careers

Much like residential electricians, commercial electricians also get a lot of variety in their work. Commercial electrical work is slightly different because you’re working on larger systems. For example, you may be involved in the planning, design and installation of HVAC systems. While repairs and maintenance are a big part of the job, you also need some skills in electrical design.

Solar installer

The solar energy industry is booming in Australia and shows no signs of slowing down. With more and more homeowners and businesses switching to solar, plenty of work is available for a skilled solar installer. Electrical qualifications are certainly useful in this type of work, and you’ll need specific training. This role may include installing solar panels, batteries and inverters, but it also involves connections to meters, problem-solving and solar energy system design.

Industry-specific electricians

We’ve touched on commercial electricians who work more broadly on any type of commercial property. But there are also many industry-specific electrician careers out there. We’ll go into more detail soon, but one of these is working in the electricity distribution network. Other roles might include becoming a HVAC specialist, a lift mechanic, a communications electrician, an air conditioning expert, or working in the mining and marine industries.

The scope is enormous, with the jobs listed above merely an example. Most industries have electrical specialists, so if you’re passionate about a particular industry, there’s likely an electrician career there for you.

Working in the electrical distribution network

In NSW, there are three main electricity distributors that maintain the network. These are Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy. Electrical specialists and electricians perform a range of different work, from maintaining network assets to system engineering. The roles you can perform in the network depend on your level of training and qualifications.

To work in the network, you must be registered as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP), and this requires additional training. You’ll need to complete an ASP pathway course available for both Level 1 ASPs and Level 2 ASPs. Your level determines the types of jobs you can do in the network.

For already trained and licensed electricians, recognition of prior learning is available when you complete ASP training. This makes it faster for you to obtain the necessary qualifications and become registered as an ASP.

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