Keeping the lights on and electricity flowing to homes across NSW is no small feat. But that’s exactly what the electrical supply industry (ESI) must do, and it needs a whole lot of skilled ESI employees to make it happen. Australia is also moving towards a greener energy supply, cutting down our reliance on fossil fuels in favour of more sustainable sources. However, this potential job explosion is only one reason energy industry careers are becoming so sought-after.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons that electrical jobs in Sydney, NSW can provide you with a rewarding career.

A range of growth industries

The green revolution is certainly here in Australia, and it is opening up a range of diverse opportunities for skilled electricians. Think of all the renewable energy projects around the country. Whether it’s solar, wind, hydro or something else, there are jobs available throughout the renewables industry.

Then there’s the rise of electric vehicles. While most vehicle manufacturing is still likely to occur overseas, a lot of infrastructure is required to support an EV network. It’s important to remember that electricity usage isn’t going anywhere. It’s just where we source the energy we convert to electricity that’s undergoing a shift. So, the future is still very bright for a whole new section of electrical careers.

Technology skills are vital

Did you grow up in a household where your parents didn’t quite understand the amount of time you spent using technology? There are obviously valid concerns about device use in children, but the reality is, technology is the future. It’s natural that the younger generation uses technology more because it is more widespread. So, the technology skills that most millennial and Gen X workers acquire through childhood can be very beneficial to the new world of electricity.

From new renewable technology to EVs, a background in technology, along with your electrical qualifications, will go a long way.

Changing infrastructure demands

We talk a lot about electricians, but it typically isn’t qualified electricians who build power poles and underground network assets. In NSW, these construction jobs fall to Accredited Service Providers (ASP), typically ASP Level 1 workers. If you can satisfy the requirements to gain ASP accreditation, you can still play a huge role in Australia’s green revolution without extensive electrical experience.

Australia’s trades gap

The Australian government has identified a skills shortage when it comes to construction trades, and has funded recent budgets accordingly. Electricians are tradespeople, and while this article is more concerned with energy industry careers rather than working as a general electrician, it is still relevant. We should expect to see an increase in training opportunities and funding for electrical trades. So, if you want to start a career as an electrician, now is a great time to do it. Then, you can take those qualifications anywhere you want to go.

Want to know more about energy industry careers?

Supply Workforce offers services to anybody looking for work in the electrical supply industry. Whether it’s electrical labour hire or a permanent position, we often have jobs available for skilled electrical specialists. You also don’t need to be a qualified electrician to work in the electricity supply and distribution network, as we often need motivated ASP Level 1 workers. If you need further electrical safety training or just want some information about energy industry careers, contact our team today.