Electrical labour-hire is essentially the same as any other labour-hire but with a focus on electrical jobs. Within the electrical supply industry, there are numerous electrical roles available, from labourers to electrical engineering jobs. As such, companies working within the NSW Electrical Supply and Distribution Network (ESDN) need skilled, trained workers who are ready to go.

Here are just some of the benefits of electrical labour hire and electrical recruitment agencies.

1. Access to specialised skills

One of the main advantages of using electrical labour-hire is that it instantly gives you a pool of qualified, experienced and trained workers. Labour-hire companies pre-screen applicants, ensuring that all people put forward for a job have the necessary skills. With so many different roles within the industry, labour hire delivers workers with the specific skillsets an employer needs.

2. Workforce flexibility

Businesses often experience fluctuating workloads, and labour hire accommodates this easily. Rather than hiring permanent employees when you’re unsure if you’ll need them in 12 months, you can hire people on temporary contracts through an electrical labour hire agency. This gives companies the chance to scale their workforce up and down in line with demand.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring electrical workers on a need-basis can significantly reduce overhead costs. Businesses save on long-term employee benefits, training, and other associated costs of full-time employment. Utilising electrical labour-hire companies to employ staff gives you greater budget control, allowing you to spend money where it’s needed most.

4. Faster recruitment and training

Recruiting new permanent staff can be a long and arduous task. You need to shortlist applicants, interview them, and conduct reference checks. Then there’s the onboarding and training process. The labour hire process certainly cuts down the time and resources spent on recruitment and training. Labour hire companies pre-screen candidates, ensuring they meet specific skill requirements and hold the necessary certifications. This ready-to-deploy workforce reduces the onboarding time and gets people working faster.

5. Reducing employment risks

When you employ permanent staff, there are several risks involved. Injuries can result in workers’ compensation claims, downtime and increased insurance premiums. You also need to adhere to a range of other labour laws as an employer. When you use labour hire, the labour-hire agency technically employs the staff member. Therefore, the hiring company reduces its risks.

6. Enhanced productivity

Electrical labour hire can also lead to increased productivity. Workers sourced from labour hire agencies are also often highly motivated and bring fresh perspectives to a project. Their diverse experience across different projects can lead to innovative solutions and efficient problem-solving.

7. Continuity

In scenarios like unexpected staff shortages or sudden increases in workload, labour hire certainly provides a quick solution to keep projects on track. Having employees who can hit the ground running at short notice is often crucial when it comes to meeting project deadlines and maintaining a high level of service.

Need skilled electrical workers?

If you’re a business operating in the NSW ESDN, Supply Workforce is here to help. We offer a dedicated labour-hire service for the electrical supply industry. From ASP Level 1s to Level 2 electricians, our skilled workforce can fill any role temporarily or permanently. We have strong links to electrical training organisations, so you know that Supply Workforce employees are safety-trained and accredited to work in the network. Contact us today to find out how an electrical labour-hire company can help you.