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From the Armed Force to the Workforce.

Transitioning from the Australian Armed Forces to the civilian workforce has obvious challenges. Lack of skills, training, qualifications and industry contacts, are all bona fide obstacles standing in the way of veterans attempting to re-enter the workforce.

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Our Partnership with Solider On

Supply Workforce along with the ASP Assist Group have pledged to Soldier On to operate Veteran recruitment strategies and to promote opportunities for Veteran employment.

Our workforce, in the Electricity Supply Industry, build & repair overhead power lines, lay & repair underground cables, and also trim trees.

If you’re an Australia Armed Forces Veteran, and would like to find out more about training and work placement opportunities, reach out at jobs@supplyworkforce.com.au or phone 1300 010 050 and see where this may lead.

Our Supply Workforce Team

With connections to the armed forces, our team wish to give those who have served a chance to re-enter the workforce.

Why Join Supply Workforce?

Build your Skills

For those excited to learn and hard-working there is no reason you cannot succeed in the Electricity Supply Industry. Our team will ensure you are ready for any task or challenge you will face in the workplace.

We Provide The Training & Education​

Yes, you read that right! We will provide the training and education to ensure you have the correct qualifications for the job. The skills you learn with us will fast-track your career in the ESI.

Encouraging & Dedicated Group

Our team are amongst the friendliest and want nothing more than to see you succeed. Everyone at SWF is happy to help with any questions or activities you may have on the job.

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Exciting Work Life​

Never a boring day on site. Your tasks will vary, keeping you on your toes (but don’t worry we’ll get you prepared).​

Apply Now

Check out the job description and fill out the form.

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Growing Up Military


Navy Brat from 1969 – 1986

Born HMAS Cerberus

HMAS Nirimba – Quakers Hill NSW

HMAS Harman – Canberra / Queanbeyan

HMNB Devonport – Plymouth UK

HMNB Portsmouth – UK

HMAS Vampire

My father was in the Royal Australian Navy. I spent my childhood watching him hold several ranks, he is now a long retired Lieutenant Commander – Queensland supporter!

His Job allowed me to do a lot of interesting things, watch ships be commissioned, see them in dry dock, spend days at sea, live in different places and countries.

However, he did spent half the year at sea, 3 months away and 3 months home rinse and repeat.

I don’t remember too much about HMAS Cerberus but I was born there!

Growing up Navy gives you a lot, makes you weird and self sufficient in the best ways.

I remember all too well how it felt changing schools as a kid – Always the new kid in school!

Home is where the Navy sends you!

Being a Navy brat has afforded me a lot of opportunities that most people will never have.

Perhaps why I entered the mind-boggling world of Travel and Logistics as a career.