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We provide career pathways for workers looking to enter the Electricity Supply Industry. For our new workers, you have our full support. We’ll walk you through the details for each job, and assist you in gaining your qualifications.
At Supply Workforce, we will work to find the perfect job for you. We will provide the skills and knowledge to continue a successful career in the industry.

Why Supply Workforce?

Build your skills

Whether you’re a new or experienced ESI worker, there is so much to learn. From cable jointing to truck driving and everything in-between!

We Provide The Training & Education​

If you’re lacking the correct licenses or certificates, don’t worry! We make sure our employees are totally equipped for any job.​

Easy Going, Dedicated Team​

Our friendly team are always there to help. Our workers have years of experience and provide an exceptional environment for our new employees.​

Exciting Work Life​

Never a boring day on site. Your tasks will vary, keeping you on your toes (but don’t worry we’ll get you prepared).​

organised and seamless

Recruitment at Supply Workforce



Supply Workforce will advertise via employment marketplaces, social media and word of mouth.


Initial contact

We reach out to you if you match our requirements. A phone interview followed by a face-to-face interview.



We’ll get you qualified, then you’ll spend a day meeting the team and getting up to date with the job requirements.


Start Work

You start work in your respective field.


What Our employees have to say

Darko R

Trade Assistant

“It’s been great working for SWF! I used to be a truck driver, doing the same route every day for the past 5 years. I was looking for a change and something different, but I needed to figure out where to start. SWF provided me with all the required training to change industries; I wouldn’t look back now. I’m at a different site doing different tasks every day, and I look forward to what new job/project I’ll be working on! It’s definitely better than driving the same route every day!”

George G

Apprentice - Cable Jointer

“Working with Supply Workforce has given me the ability to grow and move around in the industry. I’m grateful for the opportunity to develop my skillset and be supported by great coaches and mentors who encourage you to perfect your craft. We are more than just a workplace, more like a family that you could be part of! If you are looking for a company that looks after you then look no further than Supply Workforce.”

Perri W

Administrative Coordinator

“Supply Workforce is a fantastic place to work – it is an organisation that respects and lives its values from the top down.”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several electrician employment opportunities available in Australia. Supply Workforce primarily offers services in NSW, as we have strong links with the electrical supply industry (ESI). The electricity distribution network includes three companies – Ausgrid, Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy. With just three companies maintaining the entire network for NSW, you can rest assured there are always opportunities for skilled electricians.

Any type of trade is valuable, so if you have skills in the electrical industry but don’t yet have the qualifications to back it up, we can help. Talk to us about your training needs today, and we’ll help you get the right qualifications to land your new job.

The ESI refers to the network of assets supplying electricity to NSW’s homes and businesses. As mentioned above, Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy are the three distributors in the network. They have the job of maintaining the entire network, so there are a lot of different electrician jobs available in the ESI.

From labourers working on the construction of network assets to engineers designing network expansions and upgrades, there is plenty to do. The ESI constantly needs qualified, experienced professionals and is a great place to build a rewarding career.

If you’re interested in electrician apprenticeships, we can help. An apprenticeship is a form of employment where you are paid a wage to work and learn at the same time. The salary isn’t that of a qualified electrician but reflects the fact that you’re still learning.

An apprenticeship includes both theory and practical components, but a large part of your education takes place on the job. Supply Workforce often needs enthusiastic workers to take on electrical apprenticeships, so if you’re interested in starting your career, contact us today.

We sure do. Often, employers need skilled workers to show up and hit the ground running. So, if you can show us that you’re qualified, experienced and ready to go, we can consider you for labour-hire jobs. Under this system, we technically employ you, but you work for one of our employers.

When you sign up with Supply Workforce, we’ll ask you what types of work you want. Some people only want full-time jobs, but others prefer labour because they get plenty of variety and new workplaces to experience. Whatever your preference is, we’ve got something that will suit you.

There are a range of electrician jobs we can find for you. We deal primarily with the electrical supply industry rather than residential electrical services. So, the most common jobs we have available are working in the NSW electricity distribution network. The types of jobs you’re eligible for depend on your training and qualifications.

We have jobs for labourers, line workers, cable jointers, crane operators, truck drivers and many more. We also assist job seekers to upskill and get the certifications they need. So, if you feel you’re missing out on jobs due to a training gap, we’re here to help.

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