If you’re a young person mapping out your future or you simply need a career change, becoming an electrician is a great career option. If you’ve wondered how to get a job as an electrician, Supply Workforce can help. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can become an electrician.

Consider an electrical apprenticeship

The way that many electricians start their career is as an apprentice. This means working alongside qualified electricians and learning on the job. You also complete a theory component throughout the training, and you’ll be subject to various assessments. The great thing is, you even get paid. Admittedly, apprentice wages aren’t huge, you’re getting paid to learn. Importantly, you’re being paid while earning a trade that can earn you income forever.

Many different companies offer apprenticeships, from large multinationals to independent electrical contractors. In some cases, apprentices are hired as qualified electricians at the end of their training.

Apply for jobs online

Another simple way to get yourself into the industry is to search for jobs online. Plenty of electrical employment agencies specialise in apprenticeships and jobs for electricians. Online, you’ll find vacant apprenticeship positions to apply for. Or, if you’re already qualified, you might find vacancies more suited to your skills.

Work in the electrical supply and distribution network

While many people think electricians only do residential or commercial work, they actually feature in most industries. The NSW electrical supply and distribution network (ESDN) is one example. Three companies, Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid are responsible for maintaining the entire network that transfers electricity to homes and businesses. Whether directly or through subcontractors, these three companies employ countless electricians.

Supply Workforce assists in placing electricians into suitable jobs within the ESDN, so contact our team if you’re looking for work.

Work in electrical labour hire

Electrical labour-hire is a terrific way to find work if you like variety. Under a labour-hire arrangement, you essentially work for an agency. The agency places you in various short and long-term contracts, but they always handle your pay and benefits. So, you end up working in a range of interesting jobs, making connections and networking for the future. For qualified electricians, this can be a very appealing method of employment.

Speciality training

Electricians can be found in all sorts of industries. Renewable energy is a big one, as is the construction industry. But practically every industry needs specialty electrical experts. From product development to televisions, expert electricians and electrical engineers are involved.

So, as your career progresses, you might find a particular area of interest. You may even undertake further study to gain more qualifications. Perhaps electrical engineering or another study in the electrical field. Once you know how to get a job as an electrician, your career can go anywhere.

Want to know more about how to get a job as an electrician?

Supply Workforce works exclusively to place qualified and motivated individuals in the electrical supply industry. You can build a long and successful career as an electrician working in the NSW electrical supply and distribution network. So, if you’d like to know more about how to get a job as an electrician, contact us today.