As a qualified and licensed electrician, plenty of job opportunities are available in Sydney. When people think of electricians, they often consider the residential sparky who comes to fix electrical issues around the home. But in reality, an electrician can do a huge range of jobs. If you’re currently an electrician or thinking of becoming one, it’s important to know about the electrician employment opportunities you could pursue.

Let’s look at some of the varied electrician jobs that are out there to explore.

Commercial electrician

When you work as a commercial electrician, you specialise in installing, repairing and maintaining large-scale electrical systems. With additional training, you can also become an HVAC expert, giving you the scope to work on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

As a commercial electrician, you can sub-contract for another electrician, work for a company or even work for yourself, potentially employing other contractors. In this role, you’ll work on different commercial buildings, from retail stores and medical clinics to industrial factories and warehouses. It’s worth noting that some commercial electricians specialise in industrial work, while others are more generalised.

Solar panel installer

Undoubtedly, Australian homes and businesses have a healthy appetite for renewable energy. Solar energy is the biggest of those, and the industry requires skilled electricians. Working in this field, you’ll be able to assess, install and maintain residential and commercial solar systems. Becoming an expert in solar energy is also likely to open up a range of job opportunities in the future.

Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

One of the most diverse and rewarding careers you can explore as an electrician is within the NSW electricity supply and distribution network. Electricians can receive recognition of prior learning for most qualifications required in the electrical supply industry (ESI). ESI workers maintain, repair, and extend the energy network. They also manage meter installations, connections and disconnections. By registering as an accredited service provider (ASP), you could perform many different roles for Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy, or Ausgrid, the three companies charged with maintaining the network.

Electrician training

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have non-qualified people teaching the new generation of electricians. That’s why educators in the electrical training field often have their own relevant qualifications. Many qualified electricians turn to teaching by choice or because they can no longer work as an electrician for various reasons. So, it’s common to see electrician employment opportunities in the education and training sector.

Electrical contractor

Being a general electrical contractor is a popular choice for qualified electricians. Some start their own business, while others operate as a sole trader. As an electrical contractor, you have control over the types of work you do. You could choose to specialise in electrical systems for new homes. You might prefer commercial work. Alternatively, you could specialise in other areas such as solar energy.

As an electrical contractor, your career is completely in your own hands, and there is plenty of scope to grow your business as you desire.

Looking for electrician employment opportunities?

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