There are a surprising number of electrical jobs in Sydney, NSW, at any given time. However, some of these jobs are only ever advertised through electrical employment agencies. In fact, many electrical jobs aren’t even advertised. That’s why it’s so crucial to be proactive when looking for work. With so many positions filled through word of mouth or by extending temporary contracts, we’re going to give you some tips on maximising your chances in the job market.  

Network, network, network

We just mentioned that many jobs aren’t even advertised. This is what’s known as the hidden job market. Employers often fill jobs through word of mouth, meaning some vacancies never see a job board. So, the best thing you can do is to network as much as possible. Join industry groups, attend professional groups and maintain contact with former colleagues. It’s especially important not to burn your bridges with employers, as many skilled electricians work for the same company more than once in their careers.  

Learn about applicant tracking systems

Large online job boards use applicant tracking systems to make life easier for employers. What are these systems? Essentially, they help employers to sort and filter job applicants based on certain parameters. For example, an employer may ask the system to disregard all applications where a qualification isn’t listed on the resume.   It sounds harsh, but employers get a lot of applications and want technology to make the process easier. You don’t need to be an expert, but learn a little about applicant tracking systems and how to include the right keywords on your applications. This might only help you get through to a phone interview, but it’s better than your resume ending up in the ‘no’ pile straight away.  

Work with a labour-hire company

Labour-hire companies assist employers by providing carefully screened professionals for short-term contracts. By signing up to work for a labour-hire company, not only do you get great exposure to different employers, but you also give yourself a chance of scoring a full-time position.   Labour-hire contracts are typically shorter, but this means you make more industry connections. Even if your short-term contract doesn’t turn into something more permanent straight away, you’ve at least made some great contacts that could benefit you later.  

Be proactive

If you want to score electrical jobs in Sydney, NSW, think outside the box. Consider doing ASP pathway training that allows you to work in the electrical supply and distribution network. Approach employers directly to look for opportunities. There’s really no right or wrong way to find work, it’s all about taking your chances.

Need help finding electrical jobs in Sydney, NSW?

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