There are many reasons someone might consider a career change. You might simply be sick of what you’re doing and want to try something different. Perhaps an injury means you can no longer perform your previous role. Relocating may make it difficult to find openings in your previous industry. You may have even ended a military career and are looking for work through the Soldier On Jobs program. Whatever your reasons for making a career change, you might have wondered, ‘is electrician a good job?’.

If you have, this article will show you that being an electrician is a great, rewarding career for those who choose it. Here are some of the reasons why.

Areas of speciality

When you become an electrician, there are several areas you can specialise in. Some people prefer to only do residential work. Others specialise in commercial electrical work. You can choose to work in the electrical supply industry or dedicate yourself to renewable energy. The list of specialisations within the electrical field is almost endless.

Several job opportunities

Unless something drastic happens in the near future, the majority of the world will still be powered by electricity for a long time. In fact, the rising popularity of electric vehicles means that electricity isn’t going anywhere soon. For those with electrical qualifications, this means there is never a shortage of job openings. The security of the electrical trade is one of its most appealing aspects.

A variety of roles available

If you believe variety is the spice of life, then you’ll be happy pursuing an electrician career. As we mentioned, there are several areas in which you can specialise. But even if you don’t want to necessarily be a specialist, you can certainly do a lot of different roles as a generalist. Electricians are needed in practically every industry, so there are always opportunities to learn something new.

Financially rewarding

While there are certainly other aspects of a career you should consider, we can’t hide from the fact that people need money to live. So, the fact that electricians have a strong earning potential is one good reason to consider it as a career. reports that the average hourly rate for an electrician in Sydney is $47.58 (as at 14 March 2024).

Even on the average hourly rate and working a strict 38-hour week, this results in an annual salary of around $94,000. While this is impressive, the earning potential is much greater as you grow your skills and experience, either through charging higher hourly rates or pursuing more lucrative roles in specific industries of interest.

Strong career pathways

You may have already noticed that there is a lot of variety in the electrical industry. This means there are equally strong career pathways for people to follow. For example, Supply Workforce helps skilled workers find jobs in the electrical supply industry. This career pathway involves becoming registered as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) within the NSW Government’s ASP Scheme. To achieve this, you must complete certain safety training and other training units. There is a clear pathway to work within NSW’s electrical supply and distribution network.

This is just one example, but through various forms of study, training, and work experience, you can work towards any industry role, such as electrical engineering.

So, is electrician a good job?

If you’re looking for work and have already determined that an electrician career is for you, we’d love to hear from you. Regardless of your skill level, we can help you identify job and training opportunities, including apprenticeships. Contact our friendly team to find out more.