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About Supply Workforce

Established in 2020, Supply Workforce is part of the ASP Assist Group.

Our team has immense experience in the ASP and DNSP markets working in the electricity supply industry and intimately understand the difficulties ASP’s face regarding successfully resourcing projects during periods of inconsistent work, where the certainty of long-term project engagement opportunities is unknown. We also understand that there is a resource shortage in the ESI sector and that attracting new talent to the industry and training and skilling them in ESI is crucial to long term resource effectiveness and sustainability.

We aim to support ASP’s to achieve their desired workforce outcomes through the provision of trained, quality workers via flexible assignment agreements; allowing you to successfully apply additional trained personnel to upcoming projects without the commitment of long-term investment into short and medium-term resource requirements.

What is the Electricity Supply Industry?

This Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) Transmission, Distribution and Rail (TD&R) sector covers the transmission and distribution of electricity from the generating power source via overhead and underground lines.

Operatives in this sector may be involved in a wide range of tasks, including, but not restricted to, installation, maintenance, servicing, commissioning/augmentation, network protection, network operation, management, planning and/or vegetation control across transmission, distribution or rail traction networks.

Occupations within this sector can include Transmission Lineworker, Distribution Lineworker, Rail Traction Lineworker, Cable Jointer, Network Operator and Electrician.

Our Mission

To introduce workers into the Electricity Supply Industry and provide our customers with authorised, quality trained and industry skilled workers.

Our Vision

To be the organisation of choice for the supply of skilled workers for the Electricity Supply Industry.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on supplying ASPs with quality, hardworking employees. We provide intensive training and education to all our employees before they are released to the field.

  • Start A New Career In The ESI
  • Hire Capable & Hardworking Employees

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