The electrical services industry is always looking for enthusiastic young people to join it. To inspire the next generation of qualified electricians, employers need to offer apprentice electrician jobs. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an apprentice electrician.  

1.    Receive financial incentives

We must give the disclaimer that you should never take on an apprentice purely for financial gain. Apprentices must still be paid a fair wage, and as the employer, you’re responsible for paying them. However, the government offers incentives for employers to take on apprentices, and this helps to offset the cost of wages somewhat. While apprentices still need a lot of training, you’re essentially getting an extra pair of hands for a fraction of the cost of employing a fully qualified electrician.  

2.    Grow your business

When you take on an apprentice, you need to teach them a lot. But in time, as their skills grow, so can your business. Although your apprentice still requires supervision, you can still take on extra work as a result of employing an apprentice. If you’re currently a one-man operation, you may be able to complete jobs faster with your apprentice by your side. If your company already employs multiple electricians, your apprentice can assist where you need them most. This workforce flexibility allows you to grow your business while helping a young sparkie start their career.  

3.    Train staff your way

Although apprenticeships run for a set period of time, the working relationship doesn’t need to end there. If you have room on your team for another qualified electrician, you can employ your apprentice full-time once they finish training. This has massive benefits for you as a business owner, because you’ve got access to an electrician you’ve trained yourself. They say that it’s hard to get good help, but it’s a lot easier when you train them exactly how you like to work.  

4.    Fresh business ideas

Rather than being a hindrance, most apprentices add significant value to their host employers. Workplaces can become tired and stagnant, but apprenticeships offer a fresh injection of energy. Apprentices are usually enthusiastic, which can inspire others to enjoy their work more. Whether you’re a small or large businesses, the value of fresh ideas can never be underestimated.  

5.    Give back to the industry

Most successful electrical contractors and business owners were apprentices themselves one day. As such, they know that it can be tough for inexperienced workers starting out. It’s a nice feeling to give back to the industry, especially considering the wealth of information that experienced electricians can pass on.   There’s also a great sense of pride when you can help mentor a young electrician in the early stages of their career. Everybody starts somewhere, and you can play an important role in shaping the industry’s future.  

Looking for apprentice electrician jobs?

If you’re looking for work as a young or inexperienced electrician, Supply Workforce is here to help. As a dedicated electrical employment agency in Sydney, we often have apprentice electrician jobs available. If you’re keen and enthusiastic to start your career, contact our friendly team today.