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Staffing the Electricity Suppy Industry

We introduce workers into the ESI and provide our customers with authorised, quality-trained & industry skilled workers.

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Labour Hire in the Electricity Supply Industry

From Labourers to Electricians (and everything in between)

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If you’re looking for trained & authorised ESI workers, look no further!

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Are you bored with your job? Looking for a change? You’ve come to the right place.

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Are you transitioning from the Australian Armed Forces to the civilian workforce?


Find out more about how Supply Workforce can transform your career in the Electricity Supply Industry.

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From start to finish

Stress-free Labour Hire

At Supply Workforce we prioritise safety. With extensive education and weekly toolbox talks on the job, safety knowledge is crucial for all our workers.

We take care of the leg work. You request a worker, we do the rest. From advertising, interviewing, onboarding, and training to provide you with qualified workers.

All workers are fully qualified and have current certifications & licenses for the jobs they are hired to do. Qualifications are regularly checked to ensure currency.

Workers are fully educated in their fields. We take pride in ensuring our team are knowledgeable and capable to take on any situation on the work site.

From introducing workers to the ESI. To providing companies with skilled workers.

Our Services


Temporary ESI Support Worker Hire

Short staffed? Behind schedule? Need of an extra set of hands? We have a worker for you. Our workers will have the current qualifications and will complete jobs efficiently to a high standard.


Employ, Train & Educate Workers New To The Industry

Whether you’re looking for a career change or looking to expand your skills and knowledge, you’ll fit right in with the Supply Workforce team. We’re on the lookout for hardworking, reliable people who are eager to learn. Those new to the industry, don’t worry! We’ll provide the training and qualifications for you to succeed. The skills you learn with us will fast-track your career in the ESI.


Recruitment, Selection & Permanent Placement Service Package

Need something a little more permanent? We advertise, shortlist, interview, pre-screen medicals and drug and alcohol and then select your new employee. We then prepare your new employee by arranging training and authorisation applications so that your employee turns up on the job ready to work on the ESI network.


We Complete Frequent And Ongoing Checks On All Employees

We organise weekly toolbox talks and discussions between employees and Supply Workforce coordinators. This ensures our workers stay on track and understand their job responsibilities. These meetings enable jobs to be completed safely with risks and hazards being spoken about to raise health and safety understanding of each site.


What Our employees have to say

Darko R

Trade Assistant

“It’s been great working for SWF! I used to be a truck driver, doing the same route every day for the past 5 years. I was looking for a change and something different, but I needed to figure out where to start. SWF provided me with all the required training to change industries; I wouldn’t look back now. I’m at a different site doing different tasks every day, and I look forward to what new job/project I’ll be working on! It’s definitely better than driving the same route every day!”

George G

Apprentice - Cable Jointer

“Working with Supply Workforce has given me the ability to grow and move around in the industry. I’m grateful for the opportunity to develop my skillset and be supported by great coaches and mentors who encourage you to perfect your craft. We are more than just a workplace, more like a family that you could be part of! If you are looking for a company that looks after you then look no further than Supply Workforce.”

Perri W

Administrative Coordinator

“Supply Workforce is a fantastic place to work – it is an organisation that respects and lives its values from the top down.”

Supply Workforce


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